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!Welcome to my site on the ever so talented, Tina Louise!

Red Rose, Spinning

Hi there! This site is dedicated to someone I deeply adore! Miss Tina Louise! This site is linked with my Yahoo group for Tina where you can find hundreds of RARE Tina pics, and a great discussion board! I do hope you will enjoy this site!

After looking through my site you should get a pretty good Idea why I adore Tina so much! I also hope if you are looking for something in particular you will find it here, If not please email me and I can probably help you! Enjoy!

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Site created November 5, 2001

~Updated on August 10, 2002~

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Please Note That I am NOT Tina Louise! And this is NOT an official website!

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Tina Louise as Glam. as ever!

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