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Just a few useless facts about me! lol

Violet Spinning Star

Name: Tina Leehone

occupation: Actress, singer, student

Interests: ACTING I've adored acting all my life and would love to explore and work in alll areas of the entertainment industry from Films to Broadway, vegas, concert halls, cabaret nightclubs ETC! My main passion is in the Musical Theatre. I'll be moving to NY after I get out of highschool and hope to attend the renound Neighborhood Playhouse school of acting!
Secondly TINA LOUISE of COURSE! She means so much to me, so I figure why not make a website to show my adoration! Collecting Tina ANYTHING!
OOPS! Can't forget about Dylan Mcdermott!! He is SUCH a HOTTIE! If you don't know who he is, he plays Bobby on abc's "The Practice".
Last but not least here I cannot forget about ANN-MARGRET She's another one who means SOOOO much to me, and who has inspired me in so many ways that I can't even put it to words!!! If you haven't yet read her candid and wooonderful book "My Story" I urge you to pick up a copy. You can find it all over Ebay & Next, there is Judy Garland There are no words to describe Judy, lol except FABULOUS and FUNNY AS HELL!! If you've only seen her in "The Wizard of Oz"  then you are missing out! check out "The Judy Garland Show Collection" on DVD.  And "A Star Is Born" 1954 version. I also can't forget about my obsession for CABARET! (I really do adore Liza as well, of course!) if anyone wants to talk about Tina,Ann-Margret,Judy, Liza, Cabaret,Dylan ETC! IM me on AOL! or email me!

Age: 15

I couldn't resist posting myFAV pic of ANN-MARGRET


AOL AIM screen name: AnnMargretGrL

Yahoo ID: tinalouise_forever


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Remember The Legend Of Marilyn

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Here are some links that I like to visit regularly! hope ya like too!

Judy Garland-The LIVE Performances

DanORama's ANN-MARGRET VIDEO REMIX! (This is INCREDIBLE, The guys a genious and made a fabulous video mix of A-M's films ETC! takes a while to load, but soooo WORTH IT! check it out!)

The Judy Garland Database

Ann-Margret's Official Web Site!

Kitten With A Whip! A Tribute To Ann-Margret!

Chanel fashion homepage (Judy Garland Page)

4Judy yahoo group

Liza Minnelli yahoo group

More Links Soon To Come! keep Checking Back!