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It's Time For Tina!


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Tina's Sultry Love Songs!

Violet Beating Heart

Time For Tina cover!

Re-produced by Caprice Crane (Tina's Daughter) and released by Tainted Records in 1998, "It's Time For Tina" is Tina's sultry, jazzy versions of the classics by Gershwin and Cole Porter. Her voice was once described as "The female Barry White" Her Jazzy tunes are different then any singers I've heard! and she is backed up with great jazz performers including Coleman Hawkins on sax!

It's time for Tina was originally released in 1957 as an LP. You can today find copies of the original record on places like Ebay and you can purchase the CD at the same places, and of course at Tainted Records! Their website is linked below!

Tina Sings Such legendary songs as

1) Tonight Is The Night
2. Hands Across The Table
3. Smuggled On Your Shoulders
4. Embraceable You (My FAV!)
5. I'm In the Mood for Love
6. Baby Won't You Say You Love Me
7. It's Been A Long Time
8. Hold Me
9. I wanna Be Loved
10. Let's Do It
11. How Long Has This Been Going On?
12. Good Night My Love

Want a sneak peak?? more like a quick listen of a few of her songs?? Click the links below! (again, You'll probably have to have real player to listen to the songs!)

Time For Tina Back Cover Picture!

Tainted Records!

Embraceable You

Snuggled On Your Shoulder

Hands Across The Table

I'm In The Mood For Love

Tonight Is The Night

The Female Barry White!