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Red Growing Apple


Since 1995 Tina Louise has been a volunteer reading teacher in a Public New York elementary school! 2 times a week this wonderful person is helping to enrich the lives of today's youth! I think it is absolutly fantastic all she is doing for the children!

"Art is my essence. What I am doing now is what is most important to me, and I always move forward, always forward with my acting and painting, but what is even more meaningful to me is my volunteer work with the children!"

Below is a great page from ETonline all about Tina's volunteer work with two terrific video clips! on this page she also talks about "surviving gilligan's island"


"Life is a roller coaster, but I have found that a love of reading is a grounding and exciting experience. This past year, I became a volunteer reading teacher for the New York City public schools. Working one on one with several second graders I have found that they become totally entranced when reading the right book. Helping to instill a love of reading has been one of the loveliest experiences I have ever had, both with my own daughter and with the children I have worked with."-TINA

"It is the role of books to stimulate us and take us out of ourselves into other people's lives, other people's imaginations."

"I'm totally addicted to doing this, It's just changed my life, and I love it. I do a lot of other things, but somehow it just all works out that I can come here twice a week for a couple of hours. It makes me feel sane."

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