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here's what ya have to do!

Write To Tina!!

Fountain Pen, Writing


Tina Louise appreciates her fans very much. I sent her an 8 by 10 Glossy which she graciously signed for me for free.

It has been rumored that Tina usually charges $10.00 for an autographed pic. some people have gotten lucky and I was one of them since she signed mine for free. You could chance it and send her a pic to sign and see what happens, or go ahead and enclose 10 dollars. Like any star, if you write her, It's better to make it short and sweet! Good Luck!!

Tina Louise
310 E. 46th St.#18-T
New York, NY

I'll have My autographed Pic on here soon! keep checkin back!

Quill, Writing with Ink Well