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Fun Tina Quotes, Facts, and Stories


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Fun Stories and Facts!

Mrs.Pipitone in "Growing Down In Brooklyn"


For her latest Film "growing down in Brooklyn" Tina insisted on attending an italian funeral, her director, Robert Santoli called five funeral homes until he final got her in. She says "so we crashed a funeral!" Thinking of her acting teacher Tina wanted to go up and look at the body, Then had a change of mind when she thought "I can't talk to these people! I can't pay my respects here, What if they know I don't know the dead man? Or what if they know who I am? God Forbid! What Will I do then!?"

Tina Louise on Sex in TV:
"There hasn't been much sex on TV, Just statues and paintings- not the real thing. Even the old Brigitte Bardot movies have been cooled. The medium is ready for something sensational and i'm ready to please."

Tina's Request:
" well i'm on this desert island and I have asked if I can swim nude in the lagoon. It shocked a few people but that ought to fire up television a little- if they let me do it."

Tina Louise on Nudity:
"I don't mean anything in poor taste, The human body can be a joy to look at if it's kept in good condition. And I work hard at making my body look good" Tina actually asked the wardrobe depart for Gilligan's Island to whip up some flesh colored bathing suits for her. "In my opinion men are getting sick of looking at cowboys, indians, and detectives. Look, don't you think I have more to offer?"

Tina pose

Sources say Tina was a big party girl and was seldom seen with the same man twice! In one story, one boyfriend caught her with another and actually punched Tina in the face! sources say she pressed charges but nothing major happened. The judge supposibly felt that since she was a beautiful woman, things like this would be expected.

Full Length

heres a fresh funny story and quote from Tina as she talks to the interviewer for "The Truth Behind TV sitcom Scandals"

Bob denver, In his book, wrote that tina took her 45 minute lunch break on G.I. to ummm "BE" with a man in her dressing room. heres what Tina had to say

" I take more time when I'm making love, ya know 45 minutes just isn't enough time, It's enough time for Bob, but not for Tina, I require much more attention. People will say anything to sell a book, maybe the noises he heard was me laughing at next weeks script."

Laughing! from the Truth Behind Sitcom Scandals, Right after saying the above Quote!

truth behind TV sitcom scandals

Check out this funny story about Tina in the Enquirer, It's so her.

"Gilligan's Island Glamour girl Tina Louise, clad in a tight sweater and leather skirt, hasn't lost any of her sizzle, "Ginger" was seen smooching with a New York fireman in uniform at a party at New York's centro Fly."

Fact: Tina's book "Sunday" went into publication on November 1, 1997. Nov. 1st is her daughter Caprice's birthday!

Quote: Talking to Howard Stern and defending the accusations made by Bob Denver:

"How could you have sex, you've got a one hour lunch break it would take me 45 minutes to get that gown off! I mean Really!"

I have a whole new batch of fun quotes, so here goes!!
''Even now, a lot of little girls will say, 'oh, do Ginger for me. Please talk like Ginger,''' said Miss Louise. ''That's not how I talk, but I do it. My own daughter will ask me to do it.'' -Tina Interview from November 1980
''Through the years, I've made friends with the situation,'' she said. ''I wasn't very friendly toward it. I was very antagonistic ... I fought very hard to get back to heavy dramatic things -- casting directors wouldn't see me in any other role -- but I made it.'' -Tina on the ever-lasting effects of "Gilligan's Island"
"I 'd heard about what series are like, but I really didn't know how it would be. I found that I couldn't use my work at all in this show. I was quite a shock. In the medium, you perform , everyone performs. There's no such thing as a real moment, an honest reaction, because the show is like a cartoon. You're not acting, not the way I studied it."-Tina's INFAMOUS  TV GUIDE interview about G.I!
"I was a great fan of Marilyn Monroe. I never met her, " Tina said, "but I knew the quality she had and how to play it so it would work." -Tina on her "Ginger" inspiration!
"Red is not a color I like"