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Red Beating Heart

back cover pic

In 1997 Tina Louise published her memoir "Sunday" reflecting on a very hard point in her childhood. Below is a bit about the book and some insight straight from Tina on writing her book.

from the jacket cover:

When Tina Louise was around six years old, she was shunted off to boarding school by her parents, who were divorcing. "Sunday" is her moving memoir of growing up in an uncaring world of strangers. With fidelity to the thoughts and feelings and language of a young girl, Tina writes about her childhood fears, fistfights, friends, and fantasies. A blue stone, the color of her mother's eyes, becomes her link to the world that left her behind; a childhood prank has adult repercussions; and Sunday, the day when parents visit, becomes a day of hope and dreams of reconciliation.

Her ADOREABLE baby pic from the back cover!

MY COLLECTION adoreable baby Tina!

From part of the Foreword of the book!
Tina's comments:

"I wrote sunday when my daughter, Caprice, was seven or eight years old and I had been working on a film, Nightmare In Badham County, which took place in a prison. I visited several prisons for research before filming began, and the claustrophobic atmosphere affected me strongly. the frustration of the women occupants, with little to look forward to but tasteless food and stale air, prompted me to reflect back on a time in my life when it felt though I were in a prison myself."
"When I was around six years old my mother put me in Ardsley School For Girls, outside New York City, at this tender age, when most children are home with at least one parent, it felt a bit odd to be there, but the circumstances of my parents' lives made it necessary. My mother was eighteen when she gave birth to me, my father ten years older. They seperated two years later. My mother had custody of me, but she was so young that it must have been quite difficult for her to begin her own young life, and care for a young child. I've written what I can remember from that time, just snatches of my life. I hope that my book will help readers to understand my feelings about this experience, which are even stronger now than when I first wrote sunday."
"Hearing and reading about so many people having children at a young age rekindled my desire to get "Sunday" out to the public. I wanted to call attention to the fact that young children are entitled to a warm and nurturing up-bringing, and real maturity is needed in order to provide this. If sunday could in some way help stop one girl or boy from bringing a child into the world before he or she is really ready to nurture, guide, love, and hold a child close, I feel I would be doing a service."

Tina and daughter, caprice!

MY COLLECTION. Tina and Caprice

Tina's Dedication:

For Caprice, who asked me one day when she was particularly happy, "Mommy, don't you wish you were a little girl?" and I answered, no, I was just happy to share being a little girl with her.

my col. Tina and caprice 2


"A poignant, true story of a lost childhood, seen through the eyes of a young girl who became a celebrated actress."

"A vivid evocation of the purity of heart, trust, and the magical beleif that only children have, "Sunday" is a poetic expression of the power of memory and the bittersweet legacy of childhood."


"Sunday" a memoir, was one of the very first Tina collectors items I purchased. After reading this book I knew there was nothing that I didn't like about Tina. This book makes me cry almost every time I read it. The way she can go back in time and come through being herself as a young child amazes me. Her book opened my eyes to the seriousness of happiness in the life of a child and in the life of any person. I have much more respect for people, children, life E.T.C! after reading this. Tina writes that she wants to help someones life with this book, well she truely has helped enrich mine. With my knowledge of Tina and her existance, and now the knowledge of the true importance of life has all made me a better person. Thank You Tina! you are wonderful! And the definition of a beautiful person!



RED Beating Heart